Kittyrags Agamemnon – Father of Valentino and he is from birth and a year ahead a extreme big cat – and has very deep blue eye color and is totally relaxed.  A sweet, cute and outgoing temper and even though I also have the broad typed shorter rag dolls for many years I still think the typical ragdoll ALSO should have a large body with high legs and totally floppyness (relaxed in body when you hold them) and not a medium cat with all over roundness that has a firm body when you hold them. In my opinion Agamemnon and Valentino are perfect examples.



Solenzaras Valentino:

A male from a mating between my Agamemnon and a German breeder friend female Ragdolls von Solenzara. His mother is Solenzaras Junko of Supurrsonic


Valentino 2


Solenzaras Junko of SupurrsonicStartfotoJunko

He is a very sweet and cute Ragdoll – relaxed and floppy and follows you around like a little dog.