Kittyrags Kiwi –


Kiwi is a very sweet and gentle Ragdoll that we have kept from Agamemnon and Veritys first litter – she is the mother of Nova that comes next – she is blue bicolor and chocolate carrier…


10461954_10152538433812980_4769541805104955163_nKittyrags Nova:

Nova is from Kittyrags Kiwi (above) and Kittyrags Knotty – she is a blue mitted chocolate carrier female – sweet and outgoing.


Kittyrags Knotty:1504938_10153124179078844_6882925139256777367_n

Novas father







Kittyrags Anouk:


Anouk is a blue mitted girl – perfectly marked and chocolate carrier. She has a very nice big tail and is sweet and gentle. As kitten she was very big – and we expect her to become a big female like her mother Kittyrags Verity.

Kittyrags Verity:11204426_10153259375222980_3479447308842101327_n

AKA Sally on her daily walk with Elsa (daughter in the family where she is living)

 Solenzaras Uschi Mouse :


Uschi is a kitten from Koc Pol Little Lady and Kittyrags Agamemnon – she is a seal mitted chocolate carrier. A funny female that runs the whole group of cats – always and everywhere 🙂


Stamtavle Uschi Mouse – 16-04-15 14.16