Do you love ragdoll cats?

Well, I do!
My name is Marianne and am the proud owner and founder of Kittyrags Ragdoll Cats. I fell in love with the Ragdoll Cat 12 years ago and have had ragdolls ever since.

From the beginning my goal was to improve on health, type and temperament, and I was dna testing from the very first day of my cat breeding. My first cats were scanned by the vet Ulrich Westrup. I’ve worked with the chocolate color combined with reds and torties from the beginning – and have those colors from time to time in my breeding combined with the blue and seal.

I have imported 12 cats from all over the world and have been working with obtaining the best from them into my lines –  and neutered those that had some kind of disease or had wrong temperament, without breeding with them.

I have focused on working with small family breedings and my female cats have max 2-3 litters litters and for males max. 2 seasons as fertile. Then I neuter them and let them have a nice life as family cats after that – in my opinion this is the best life for a cat. I also have very few litters so people must sign up and stay with us if they want to have a kitten. We love to have kittens.

I attend shows frequently to see how the type has developed – and sometimes with my cats and then mostly in TICA, but I’ve never been a huge fan of shows – but acknowledge the importance of their existence. Those of my cats that attended shows won a lot of titles for best cats. Ex. Best Ragdoll Alter of the Year 2014- and 2 second places and one 3rd. In Fife regis they have been best of best – BIV etc.etc.

My cats have a characteristic look – and besides health and temperament, they have a strong expression in their eyes – and they are often very big cats with a long body, high legs, broad paws with harmonious body. Their body color is often with huge difference between color of body and points. Fur must feel like cold porcelain.