Do you love ragdoll cats?

Well, I do!

My name is Marianne and am the proud owner and founder of Kittyrags Ragdoll Cats. I fell in love with the Ragdoll Cat 12 years ago and have had ragdolls ever since.

From the beginning my goal was to improve on health, type and temperament, and I was dna testing from the very first day of my cat breeding.

HEALTH Health and temper are the most important things for us. We scanned all our first ragdoll cats for HCM (Heart) and CIN (kidney) at vet Ulrich Vestrup - we dna test all breeder cats for HCM and scan extra when needed. HCM and CIN are mostly inheritable diseases - some of them recessive which means they are not visible but hidden in the genes and when you mate 2 cats that have the gene they can develop the disease. Untill now we've never had any offspring that developed any of those diseases.
Types of rag dolls
I've worked with the chocolate color combined with reds and torties from the beginning - and have those colors from time to time in my breeding combined with the blue and seal.
My rag dolls
My cats have a characteristic look - and besides health and temperament, they have a strong expression in their eyes - and they are often very big cats with a long body, high legs, broad paws with harmonious body. Their body color is often with huge difference between color of body and points. Fur must feel like cold porcelain.
I have imported 12 cats from all over the world and have been working with obtaining the best from them into my lines  I have focused on working with small family breedings and my female cats have max 2-3 litters litters and for males max. 2 seasons as fertile. 
Want to get in touch?
If you are interested in my ragdoll cats, please contact me via e-mail (check the bottom of the page). You can also get in touch via Facebook or Instagram. You can find my profiles in the bottom right of the page. I am a huge ragdoll cat enthusiast and an experienced, well-known breeder always looking to get in touch with both those new and old to the ragdoll cat world. Have a nice day!